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Written translation from Russian into Hungarian and interpretation (Hungarian - Russian, Russian - Hungarian)

As a native speaker of Hungarian, I studied at the university in Saint-Petersburg for five years and was a postgraduate student in Kiev for three years.

Russian translator and interpreter ID numbers

Russian translator SZF. 2043 (ELTE)
Russian interpreter 00724 (Ministry of Education)

In addition to my qualifications, I have a significant advantage in terms of my Russian language, as my wife is Russian, which means continuous communication in Russian. I regularly watch Russian television and browse Russian Internet portals.

Translation from Russian into Hungarian

In addition to the usual software tools used by translators (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), I also work with memoQ, which provides a modern translation support environment that helps, among other things, to unify translation terminology. Since this software is expensive (several hundred thousand forints), few Russian translators can afford to purchase it.

My last translation work: opening a bank account, filing a statement of claim in court, amending the company's Charter, exam on knowledge of safety rules when performing welding work, price offer for painting work, PowerPoint presentation of an electronics company.

Russian-Hungarian interpretation in Hungary (in all over country and abroad too)

It is important to note that as an official interpreter, I have the authority to work in a departmental area, for example, in law offices, notary offices, the police, the tax office, etc.

When working in Budapest, there is no on-site visit fee. If the work is outside Budapest, the price includes the cost of the ticket (train, bus), so I work all over the country: I translated from Debrecen to Győr, from Rétság to Szekszárd.

My recent work as an interpreter: business meeting in Győr, interpretation at the Central District Court of Pest, translation at a wedding event in Miskolc, interpretation at the National Cancer Center in Budapest, interpretation at the Office of Criminal Affairs of the National Tax and Customs Service ...

If you would like more information in connection with my services of a Russian interpreter, please visit my website at (russian interpreter)

Translation from Hungarian into Russian by native Russian translator

Translation from Hungarian into Russian is done by my Russian proof-reader, Tatjana Iljenko (Татьяна Ильенко). I am the Hungarian proof-reader of her translations (translation rates include the costs of proof-reading).

Both of us are using MemoQ.

Our invoice contains the next text: "Issuer of the invoice is not subject to the law on VAT".


Phone: +36-1-242-1797
Mobile phone: +36-30-576-1976
Email: info[at] or perevod[собачка]
Address: H-1031 Budapest, Viznyelo u. 6., Hungary


I will provide it upon request.