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In Miskolc there are a lot of translators from Hungarian to Russian an from Russian to Hungarian

Miskolc - Tapolca


Our price is in both direction, so from Hungarian to Russian or from Russian to Hungarian is 0,07 USD or 0,06 EUR. Based on the source text, calculated in words.

We are nоп-VАТ рауеrs. On our invoice we write: "Issuer of the invoice is not subject to the law on VAT"

This price includes
  • translation to Russian is made every time by translator with Russian mother tongue, or
  • translation to Hungarian is made every time by translator with Hungarian mother tongue, and
  • in both case the costs of the proofreading.

Our translation we every time provide to our clients in electronic form. We can provide invoices for any country of the world. Our invoice is clear and exact.

Russian-Hungarian & Hungarian-Russian translation - highest quality at competitive prices!

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